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School Reach Instant Parent Contact Information
In our effort to improve communication between parents and schools, Holbrook Unified School District has implemented a telephone broadcast system that enables school personnel to notify all households and parents by phone within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event that causes early dismissal, school cancellation or late start. The service may also be used from time-to-time to communicate general announcements or reminders. School Reach is one form of communication and we also send the same message to:

KDJI/KZUA 1270 AM/92.1 FM
Power 95.7 95.7 FM
Q Country 92.5 FM

All of these are radio stations that regularly broadcast school related closings and events. Finally, we will also record a message from our district office line, (928) 524-6144, that will detail the District’s schedule for the school day. Any of these means of communication can help you to find out the District’s schedule during bad weather conditions.

When used, School Reach calls all telephone numbers in our selected parent contact lists and delivers a recorded message from a school administrator to a live answer or an answering machine.

Tips to help you access the information on the School Reach System.

1. Caller ID-The caller ID will be the school telephone number is the notification is sent from the school and the district telephone number, 524-6144, if the notice is sent at the district level.

2. Live Answers-There is a short pause at the beginning of the message. When you say "hello", it activates the message. If you say "hello" multiple times, it will delay the message.

3. Answering Machines--the School Reach program will detect that your machine has answered and will play the recording to your answering machine.

4. Message Repeat--At the end of the message, you will be prompted to press any key to hear the message again.

What to do if you think you missed a School Reach voice message.

If you ever feel you may have missed a School Reach voice message or just want to check to be sure, you can dial our message retrieval line 855-955-8500 and follow the prompts to hear any or all messages sent through School Reach over the last 30 days.

HUSD#3 uses this phone service to provide communication with all of our Stakeholders. The system's primary use is emergency communications; however, general announcements are made occasionally. Please ensure telephone numbers are updated at the school your child attends to ensure you are contacted with pertinent information.

As always, thank you for your support of HUSD#3.