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Professional Forms

SMART Board Links

Smart Response Setup

SMART Exchange -- lesson plans, resources etc.

SMART Response -- question sets

Smartboard Online Training

SMART Board Lesson Plan

Lesson Planning Forms

Lesson Plan Template (not official just one way)
5-2-1 Cornell Notes (click and save and then open with Publisher)
Vocabulary graphic organizer (click and save and then open with Publisher)


SchoolMaster Gradebook Instructions

School Master 2014-2015 Schedule

Adding Calculations Columns

Changing to 2nd Semester Rosters

Changing PASS Dates & Gradebooks

Using Mark Note

Mark Table Errors

Pass/Fail Classes

Free or Public Domain Resources

PBS Learning Media has gone from 18,000 resources to over 35,000 resources in the last couple of months.  You can check out the system at http://az.pbslearningmedia.org. It is totally free. We now have over 24,000 Arizona Teachers using the system.  PBS LearningMedia is a free web based system with over 35,000 videos, images, interactives, lesson plans, web sites and audio files. It was made for teacher use in the classroom. It is totally free!

Royalty free pictures, music and videos

Wellcome Library -- Wellcome Images
2000 years of human culture
Use the Wellcome Images catalogue to:

  • Explore a collection of over 170 000 historical and contemporary images, covering medical and social history, contemporary healthcare and biomedical science.
  • Download digital images for personal, non-commercial use.

Includes 15th & 16 century sketchs & illustrations of science, travel, medicine etc.

Project Gutenberg --electronic archive of printed works

Public Domain -- digital audio recordings

Various sources for public domain images

Life Magazine Online Photo Archive

Library of Congress Primary Sources

Pixlr photo editing online


Cornell Notetaking System



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