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Students of the Month

April Students of the month
Holbrook High School April Students of the Month (I know the photo reads "May" but it is April!)

Standing left to right: Ashley Davis (Health); Josh Pack (male student-athlete); Orin Dokey (math); Mason Hawk (fine arts); Kevin Scheuerman (CTE); Simon Liu (social studies); and Tyraine Johnson (language arts).

Seated left to right: Robin James (social studies); Jordon Platero (science); Kellie Stanton (math); Daelyn Nez; Amber Paul (CTE); and Rainelle Baldwin (fine arts).

Not in photo: Daylon Nez (NAVIT) and Trent Tunney (English).
March Students of the Month


Holbrook High School March Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Orin Dokey (CTE); Ethan Bahe (English); and Mason Hawk (male scholar-athlete).

Seated left to right: Skylar Smith (science); Ashlyn Wilhelm (social studies); Daymainn Dickson (math); Talyssa Larson (math); Elizabeth Parker (English); Georgia Benally (female scholar-athlete); and Nelson McKibben (physical education).

Not in picture: Tristen Ambrose (Navajo government); Emma Carlisle (English); and Zachary Pete (language arts). 


February Students of the Month
Holbrook High School February Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Ariana Jackson (English); Nathan Billie (social studies); Charles Metz (physical education); Tyson Begay (male scholar-athlete); Joshua Pack (CTE); Trent Tunney (language arts); Shawn Begay (CTE); and Alicia Dayea (CTE).

Seated left to right: Abigayle Nez (fine arts); Meredith Huskey (Spanish); Bianca Liddle (social studies); Jyllian Hall (female scholar-athlete); Jada Trombley (science); Raquel Lee (CTE); and Desirae Bain (math).

Students not in photo: Emma Carlisle (NAVIT) and Taylyn Chee (science).
January Students of the Month


Holbrook High School January Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Heidi Yazzie (social studies); Carlton Platero (Principal's selection); Donovan Begay (Navajo language); Jonathan Black (science); and Jesiee Gardner (fine arts).

Seated left to right: Talyssa Larson (fine arts); Charli McKibben (fine arts); Charity Billie (CTE); Damien Clark (male student-athlete); Brooke Lester (math); Desirae Bain (English); and Tristen Ambrose (female student-athlete).

Not in photo: Caitlyn Duffy (language arts); Angela Hamilton (science); Josten Chee (NAVIT); and Shandelariah Footracer (Navajo language). 


November Student of the Month
Holbrook High School November Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Kobi Koerperich (male scholar-athlete); Jace Keams (language arts); Andrew John (fine arts); and Orin Dokey (physical educaiton).

Seated left to right: Donnalette Notah (second language); Kylei Qumyintewa (CTE); Bianca Liddle (English); Erika Benally (personal finance); and Talynn Spencer (female scholar-athlete).

Not in picture: Cassandra Yazzie (Principal's selection); Katlyn Lee (English); Reshanna Tesage (math); and Chasity James (NAVIT).
October SOM
Holbrook High School October Students of the Month

Seated pictured left to right: Dylan Manuelito (fine arts); Ashlyn Wilhelm (science); Jyllian Hall (female scholar-athlete); Emmarosa Catron (CTE); Kialonnie Yazzie (social studies); Nataly Knight (health education); and Jesse Knight (CTE).

Standing pictured left to right: Keith Scheuerman (CTE); Tynen Thomas (male scholar-athlete); and Xavier Agramont (language arts).

Not in photo: Amy Nilsson (English); Simon Liu (math); Nizhonii Thomas-Parker (CTE); Makayla Montijo (principal's selection); and James Wilkinson (NAVIT). 
September SOM
Holbrook High School September Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Jack Hardy (fine arts); Hayden Mike (male scholar-athlete); Preston Edwards (second language); and LeBron Lee (math).

Seated left to right: Kiah Dumuth (English); Shanaeyah Hill (CTE); Kayla Hager (Principal's selection); Hannah Nockideneh (math); Shandelariah Footracer (physical education); Elizabeth Parker (science); and Jade Knight (female scholar-athlete).

Not in picture: Roseletta Notah (physical science); Korri Lee (second language); Calandra Yazzie (NAVIT); Robin James (social studies); and Janae Todacheenie (language arts).
August Students of the Month
Holbrook High School August Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Trent Tunney (English); Emmanuel Jimenez (English); Tyson Begay (male scholar-athlete); and Kenyon Quintero (language arts).

Seated left to right: Tara Dodson (social studies); Jovon Boling (female scholar-athlete); Leilani Longhorn (CTE); Talynn Spencer (English); Ciera Irving (science); and Sharadee Sands (math).

Not in photo: Natalia Thomas (physical education) and Sanchez Begay (NAVIT).