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Students of the Month

November Student of the Month
Holbrook High School November Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Kobi Koerperich (male scholar-athlete); Jace Keams (language arts); Andrew John (fine arts); and Orin Dokey (physical educaiton).

Seated left to right: Donnalette Notah (second language); Kylei Qumyintewa (CTE); Bianca Liddle (English); Erika Benally (personal finance); and Talynn Spencer (female scholar-athlete).

Not in picture: Cassandra Yazzie (Principal's selection); Katlyn Lee (English); Reshanna Tesage (math); and Chasity James (NAVIT).
October SOM
Holbrook High School October Students of the Month

Seated pictured left to right: Dylan Manuelito (fine arts); Ashlyn Wilhelm (science); Jyllian Hall (female scholar-athlete); Emmarosa Catron (CTE); Kialonnie Yazzie (social studies); Nataly Knight (health education); and Jesse Knight (CTE).

Standing pictured left to right: Keith Scheuerman (CTE); Tynen Thomas (male scholar-athlete); and Xavier Agramont (language arts).

Not in photo: Amy Nilsson (English); Simon Liu (math); Nizhonii Thomas-Parker (CTE); Makayla Montijo (principal's selection); and James Wilkinson (NAVIT). 
September SOM
Holbrook High School September Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Jack Hardy (fine arts); Hayden Mike (male scholar-athlete); Preston Edwards (second language); and LeBron Lee (math).

Seated left to right: Kiah Dumuth (English); Shanaeyah Hill (CTE); Kayla Hager (Principal's selection); Hannah Nockideneh (math); Shandelariah Footracer (physical education); Elizabeth Parker (science); and Jade Knight (female scholar-athlete).

Not in picture: Roseletta Notah (physical science); Korri Lee (second language); Calandra Yazzie (NAVIT); Robin James (social studies); and Janae Todacheenie (language arts).
August Students of the Month
Holbrook High School August Students of the Month

Standing left to right: Trent Tunney (English); Emmanuel Jimenez (English); Tyson Begay (male scholar-athlete); and Kenyon Quintero (language arts).

Seated left to right: Tara Dodson (social studies); Jovon Boling (female scholar-athlete); Leilani Longhorn (CTE); Talynn Spencer (English); Ciera Irving (science); and Sharadee Sands (math).

Not in photo: Natalia Thomas (physical education) and Sanchez Begay (NAVIT).