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ASU Recruiter on Campus
On Tuesday, April 2nd, at 11 am (4th hour) in the Career Center, the ASU recruiter would like to meet with those seniors that have decided upon or are considering ASU for their next school.  Please contact Mrs. Candelaria in the Guidance Office to sign up for this event.

Navajo Technical University
The Recruiter from NTU has rescheduled their visit to April 11 at 11 am (4th hour) in the Career Center.  This meeting is open to juniors and seniors who may be interested in pursuing a post secondary career at Navajo Technical University.  Tuition is low, housing is available and financial assistance is available to most Native American students.  Please sign up for this event with Mrs. Candelaria in the Guidance Office.

Petrified Forest Job Opportunities
A ranger from the Petrified Forest will be here on Tuesday March 26th at 11 am (4th hour) in the Career Center to talk to any student interested in the possibility of working at the Petrified Forest this summer with the Youth Conservation Corps.  Please sign up with Ms. Candelaria for this event.

Balfour will be here to deliver graduation products on Wednesday, March 27th.

SIPI Bridge to Success Summer Program
The SIPI Bridge to Success Summer Program is designed for incoming freshman students to help transition from high school to a college setting. The primary focus of the program is to give the students a taste of college life while strengthening their math and English skills.

Participants will take intensive math and English refresher courses, interact with other incoming freshmen, learn college survival skills and how to address issues such as financial aid, and career and degree planning. Most importantly, the SIPI Bridge to Success Summer Program begins the development of a sense of community for the participants.

The Bridge To Success Summer Residential Program is a FREE 5-week long residential program. Participants will be provided with housing, meals, and transportation to and from all program activities.

Who Should Attend?
• Students who have recently graduated from high school or are graduating from high school in Spring 2019
• Students who are 18 years old to 20 years old
• Students who may need additional help strengthening their English and Math skills
• Students who are willing to commit to a 5-week long residential program
• Students who are registered in a federally-recognized tribe.

How will Students Benefit?
• Students attend at no cost
• Free housing and meals
• Intensive English, Reading and Math Review
• Gain Key College Navigation skills
• Gain Important College Success skills
• Develop Leadership skills
• Opportunities to participate in community and cultural activities
• Enhance group and social skills

Tuition waiver for the Fall trimester (if enrolled as a full-time student at SIPI). Participants are not required to register at SIPI for the Fall 2019.

Additional information will be forwarded in the next couple of weeks; in the meantime, you can check our website at Summer Bridge to Success 2019 for specific details such as eligibility requirements, application procedures, etc. 

Attention Students
We are looking for students to serve on a committee for the design and remodel of the High School Library. If you volunteer you would need to meet 3 times (right after school) during the month of March. This is your chance to have a say in how the library will look next year! 

Here are some of the topics you would provide answers to: Would some of the space be better utilized as a media center? How about a cafe? Modular and collaborative seating? Color on the walls? Device charging stations? How about a small Poetry Café stage? Computers/TVs/Music?
How about a place to display art? What will best serve the students of Holbrook High School for years (decades!) to come?

If you are interested stop by the library and speak with Ms. Smith.

Indian Bible College
On Wednesday, March 20th, a recruiter from the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff will be here 4th period in the Career Center to meet interested students. Please sign up with Mrs. Candelaria in the Guidance Office for this event.

US Citizenship Test
Seniors, if you have not taken the US Citizenship test - please see Mrs. Nafziger (C12). If you are unsure whether you passed the test, she can give you your score. You have until Monday, April 1st to get this graduation requirement successfully completed.

NPC Recruiter
The recruiter from NPC will make lunch visits this semester on the 3rd Wednesday rather than  the 3rd Thursday, meeting students in the B building locker area.

Yearbook Sales
Why wait until May when you can purchase your yearbook now. Yearbook presales have begun. Click here to purchase your yearbook now, then just pick it up in May.

Pictures for the Yearbook
Do you have pictures on your phone that you think would look great in the yearbook? You can now upload your pictures for consideration in this year’s yearbook. Click here to get started.

After School Assistance for Seniors
Every Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Smith or Ms. Percy will be staying after-school to assist any seniors in S-1."

Yearbook Club
Mr. Burks’s room will be open every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school for students to work on the yearbook.

Lunchtime Tutorial
Mrs. Campbell will be conducting Lunchtime Tutorial in the Old Computer Lab in B Building Monday - Thursday.  

The FAFSA is now open.  If you need any assistance, either Ms. Percy or Mrs. Smith will be staying after school every Wednesday to assist in completing this important financial aid form.  You must have a FSA ID and your Parent must have a FSA ID to complete the form.

Juggling Club
If you enjoy juggling or want to learn how, the Juggling club meets every Tuesday in Doc's room (C-11).