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Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Superintendent’s List (Students must have a 4.0 G.P.A. or above. Students may have one B if it is a rigorous/weighted course or off-set by an A in a rigorous/weighted course).

Honor Roll (Students must have a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. Students may have one C off-set by an A in another course or a B or C in a rigorous/weighted course).

Superintendent's List

9th graders 10th graders 11th graders 12th graders
Tessa Chavez
Tyler Christensen
Kiana Clendon
Lauryn Hall
Jewell Harris
Garrison Hawk
Troy Hill
Kendra Monroe
Sophia Phaturos
Kallee Reidhead
Anna Smith
Kendall Smith
MaKenzi Thompson
Carmen Hamilton
Zachary McLaws
Ruth Tubbs
Kiara Yellowhair
Jedde Bowman
Shayna Carlson
Isaac Elliston
Savannah Fischer
Denyce Hawk
Chanda Hayes
Alexandra Jeffers-Sample
Levi McClellan
Micah McClellan
Bailey Paradis
Savana Shumway
Kaitlyn Benally
Jade Gardner
Chenoa Nelson
Demitria Phaturos
Kylah Spangler
Buddy Wagoner
9th graders 10th graders 11th graders 12th graders
OraSheila Altisi
Alaynna Baloo
Derek L Begay
Destany Begay
Roshon Begay
Tamika Begay
Sheridan Belin
Emily Carlson
Matthew Case
Raquel Dodson
Jonathan Evans
Heather Gardner
Cristen Halwood
Alanna Hayes
Skylynn Johnson
Bryan Kester
Joshua Meeks
Deshawn Nez
Jalen Nez
Crystal Plucker
Carla Plumb
Vanessa Scott-Quezada
Simarah Salabye
Gabriel Santibanez
Kearstin Saxton
Kobe Teller
Frankie Ulibarri
Ashli Whitten
Stephen Woody
Alkeisha Ashley
Tristan Baldonado
Colton Christensen
Kira Henry
Shynowah James
Jayden Johns
Mikayla Johnson
Samantha Johnson
Cooper Justman
Kournikova Kinlicheenie
Jadiana Perez
Kristina Pete
Jalen Tapaha
Amanda Thomas
Jared Todacheenie
Omar Valverde-Jaquez
Macy Walker
Julyssa Whiterock
Chance Yazzie
Peyton Alex
Shay Autobee
Angel Benitez
Emily Eavenson
Raymus Franklin
Nichole Gohl
Dacey Hendrix
Ching-Hua (David) Hua
Tonya Jackson
Isabelle Jaquez
Charmelia Jones
Odell Kee
Quanyyah Lester
Kailen Matty
Christian Pate
Tim Pentz
Samuel Plumb
Cythia Rodriguez
Martino Tom
Nathan Tom
Wakita Tsipai
Tonisea Yazzie
Jacob Andrews
Raeanna Bahe
Trumisha Ben
Joy Briceland
Ciara Brown
Adrianne Chavez
Brandi Cline
Kelsey Deswood
Kayleigh Fish
Daniel Foster
Twyla Gene
Matthew Gishi
Jalynn Gishie
Teyah Goldtooth
Calandria James
Theresa Joe
Theron Johns
Shannon Justman
Quinlan Keoni
Ryan Keyonnie
Shelby Kinlichee
Cheyenne Lester
Terrilyn Lester
Monica Liddle
Eileen Long
Kayla Lowman
Jonathan Marvin
Thomas McLaws
LaPrincya Nelson
Lanny Newton-Pender
Elizabeth Nockideneh
Lauren Phillips-Rugg
Kayura Santos
Alec Smith
Jordan Smith
James Sumpter
Johannah Tsosie
Shinaya Wagner
Desiree Walker
Dakota Williams

At HHS, we acknowledge academic success by recognizing students for making the Honor Roll via the following designations based on the following criteria at each quarter grading period: Principal’s List- a student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA with a minimum of one (1) C grade offset by an A or a weighted class; Superintendent’s List- a student must have a minimum 4.0 GPA with a minimum of one (1) B grade offset by a weighted class. Weighted Classes: Holbrook High School recognizes the following classes for weighted credit due to the advanced material covered and the rigor required: Pre-AP English 9/10; AP English 11/12; Advanced Chemistry; AP Studio Art; AP Am/AZ History; Honors World History; Honors Government; Physics II; Trigonometry/Pre Calculus; and Calculus. The following grade points are awarded for these classes: A = 5.0; B = 4.0; C = 3.0; D = 2.0; F = 0. Please note, however, that the report card system at HHS is based on a cumulative semester grade. This means the only grade that gets permanently placed on a student’s transcript and counts toward his/her G.P.A. is the semester grade. The 1st nine-week grade is an indicator of where the student currently falls during the 1st semester and therefore acts as a progress report. A student’s 1st semester grade is based on the combined scores accumulated during the entire semester (both 1st AND 2nd quarters).

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