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July 14th6:00 PMHolbrook District Office
August 11th6:00 PM
Holbrook District Office
September 8th6:00 PM
Holbrook District Office
October 6th **##6:00 PM
Indian Wells Elementary School
November 10th6:00 PM
Holbrook District Office
December 8th6:00 PM
Holbrook District Office
January 12th6:00 PM
Holbrook District Office
February 9th ##6:00 PM
Indian Wells Elementary School
March 9th **##6:00 PM
Holbrook District Office
April 13th6:00 PM
Holbrook District Office
May 11th6:00 PM
Holbrook District Office
June 15th **##6:00 PM
Indian Wells Elementary School
  ** This is the first Tuesday of the month.

All regularly scheduled meetings will be held at the Holbrook District Office at 1000 N. 8th Avenue in Holbrook, AZ.

## The October 6th, February 9th, and June 15th meetings will be held at Indian Wells Elementary School at Junction of Rt. 15 & Rt. 77 (Take Rt. 77 N off of I-40).

##** The June 15th Governing Board meeting will be held on the 3rd Tuesday to allow for budget forms to be completed.

The Holbrook Unified School District Policy Manual is online for access. The page will open in a new browser window from which you will navigate to Holbrook’s Policy Manual from the left side of the page. 
Holbrook Unified School District fully complies with ARA 38-431-02 Open Meeting Laws and public meeting agendas are posted on the Holbrook Website and at the District Office, 1000 N. 8th Avenue, at least 24 hours before District Governing Board meetings.
CLICK HERE for Board Meeting Notices/Agendas and Minutes.

District Governing Board Members

President- Linda S. Yazzie
PO Box 3586
Indian Wells, AZ 86031
Vice- President Claudia Jackson
PO Box 3043
Indian Wells, AZ 86031
Olivia Jaquez
1710 Gregg Drive
Holbrook, Arizona 86025 
President: Ferral Knight 
P.O Box 51 
Woodruff, AZ 85942 
Send Ferral an Email 

Dr. Craig Stuart
408 W. Arizona Street
Holbrook, Arizona 85025

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