CASEL and DESSA Alignment

Strengths-based            CASEL aligned                 Whole-child support                     Research-based

This year we will be utilizing the Aperture Education (SEL) Social Emotional Learning screener to assess the strengths of ALL students K-5. 

These assessments are CASEL aligned, a reliable measure of social-emotional competence, grounded in research, driving meaningful change system-wide, through data-based decision making.

Classroom teachers will assess their students’ using the DESSA-mini, a brief 8-item, strength-based, universal screener of social-emotional competence.  

The DESSA-mini screener will be used to help promote the social-emotional competencies of ALL students. It will give information to enhance classroom practices, rituals, and routines that help establish the climate and culture for social-emotional learning. It will also provide Home-based Strategies extending the lessons to home and community.

The DESSA assessment will be used to obtain further individualized support and services for a smaller set of students. This 72 item screener will provide an Individual Item Analysis identifying specific, behaviorally grounded, and instructionally relevant strengths (social and emotional skills already acquired) and needs. These specific strengths and needs will be used to further support the growth of the student. 

For more information regarding this, please reach out to Mrs. Stephanie Peters K, 2-3 counselor, or Mr. Steven Santos 1, 4-5 counselor.