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The Holbrook School District Governing Board approved SchoolsPLP as an online instruction platform at the July 22, 2020 Governing Board meeting.  SchoolsPLP (Personalized Learning Plan) will allow all students enrolled at HUSD #3 to recieve high quality instruction from classroom teachers, through an online learning platform, designed to each student's needs. 
Teachers will utilize SchoolsPLP for all coursework from preschool through high school.  All normal HUSD #3 courses will be offered from grade level math and reading to physical education and music to high school credit courses. 

Superintendent Koerperich noted, "With SchoolsPLP students are able to have access to realistic learning opportunities both online and through learning packets that will help students make progress towards grade level mastery; as well as, high school credits to graduate.  We are excited to present this opportunity for all students.  Even when we transition back to on-campus learning, students and parents will have the choice to continue this program online for the remainder of the school year."
SchoolsPLP instruction will begin on August 3rd.  Teachers will reach out to parents and students to guide them through the set up processs, learning process, etc.  SchoolsPLP allows live classes as well which HUSD #3 teachers will utilize as much as possible.
HUSD #3 is offering one to one devices for all students enrolled in grades 3-12.  K-2 parents that need a device may contact your child's school.  We are still exploring best options for K-2 learning (i.e. iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, etc.).  Feedback from K-2 parents on what technology works best for your K-2 child is appreciated. 
HUSD #3 also offers free wifi at each school's parking lot where materials can be downloaded or school work may be completed.  Please contact your child's school for more information.
HUSD #3 is excited to offer this learning platform for all students at HUSD #3.  Please contact your child's school for more information.  More information about SchoolsPLP and the coursework offered may be found at:  https://schoolsplp.com/ 
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