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Greetings HHS Roadrunners!

We at HUSD #3 hope everyone is doing well!  

I am calling today to inform our Holbrook High School parents that Holbrook High School will be on a virtual learning platform only next week.  

There have been three confirmed cases of COVID amongst office staff at HHS.  Those affected are having mild symptoms and are quarantining as required.  At this time there are no confirmed student or teacher exposures.

As a cautionary measure, to ensure exposure is minimized and to ensure Holbrook High School continues to be a safe, healthy and educational environment, Holbrook High School will be virtual only the week of October 19th- 23rd.

Teachers will continue to conduct classes virtually and students are expected to participate in virtual learning.  Attendance will be taken; coursework completion is expected. 

NAVIT central classes will continue to take place, athletics will continue, and special education services will take place as required. 

Again, the COVID virus has the potential for rapid spread; therefore, we are making this decision in abundance of caution to ensure we keep our students and staff healthy.  

Holbrook High School will plan to resume classes on Monday, October 26th to begin Phase III which will include on campus instruction on A/B days, options for on campus learning support for 4 days or continuing virtual learning from home.

All other schools including Park Elementary, Hulet Elementary and Holbrook Junior High School will be operational on Monday, October 19th as scheduled.

I would like to reinforce that our 12-Point Back to School plan is fully operational and we are taking full precautions to reduce sickness of all kinds on our high school campus.  School campuses are being cleaned and disinfected daily and we are using as many health and wellness measures as possible to keep students and staff safe & healthy to ensure access to a high quality education.

I want to thank each of you for your understanding and consideration during these most unusual circumstances.

We look forward to continuing to work with all our stakeholders to Help our Unique Students Develop!

Stay well Roadrunners and thank you for your strong partnership during this time and as always, thank you for being Roadrunners!

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