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On Monday, August 21st the United States will experience a full solar eclipse in which the sun, moon and Earth will perfectly align for a period of time.  The last total solar eclipse visible throughout the United States occurred in 1918.

The Holbrook Unified School District will recognize this event in a couple manners:


  • First, we will respect the cultural relevance of this event for our  students.  From approximately 9 am to 12:06 pm we will ensure there is little to no exposure to eclipse.  We will postpone lunch until the conclusion of the eclipse and we will respect the cultural significance of the eclipse for the students we serve.

  • We will also ensure that students are not looking directly into the eclipse which can be harmful to the retina.  As a result we will be moving recess to the afternoon for our elementary students and we will expedite passing periods throughout the morning. 

If school attendance is hindered because of the cultural relevance of this event, students may be excused; however, we ask that parents call the school to communicate the absence.

The eclipse will be over by 12:06 pm and school will resume back to the normal schedule.

We appreciate your consideration for our accommodation and want to ensure you we will be sensitive to the event and the needs of our students.

We ask that you speak with your children about the importance of refraining from looking at the eclipse during the time in which the eclipse will occur which will be from 9 am to 12:06 pm spanning the entire United States.

More information can be found on the following pages.

Thanks for being Roadrunners!

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