Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Helping Unique Learners Excel Together


We believe that in order to achieve our mission at Hulet Elementary School we must develop a strong professional community of learners.  We envision a school in which staff:

  • Use assessments to guide our instruction and focus on results

  • Become better problem solvers, communicators of expectations, and motivators while maintaining flexibility, empathy, and compassion

  • Work together to achieve common goals and expectations

  • Adapt to current realities, instructional techniques, and practices

Collective Commitments

In order to achieve the shared vision of our school, Hulet Elementary staff have made the following collective commitments:

  1. Study and align Unwrapped Documents and Beyond Textbooks Scope and Sequence to guide instruction.

  2. Develop, implement, and utilize district formative assessments to drive reteach and enrichment within the school day.

  3. Seek understanding, exhibit compassion, be willing to share, and be patient with all stakeholders.

  4. Utilize a variety of instructional techniques, especially those from Teach Like a Champion which promote success for all students. 

  5. Persevere and teach to high expectations.