We are very excited about our new family engagement initiative called Academic Parent Teacher Teams, or APTT for short. 

APTT is an initiative where families and schools discuss foundational grade-level skills that kids need to be successful.  Throughout this 75 minute meeting, we collaborate and discuss where your child is currently performing, what the grade level expectation is, and provide you with ready-to-go, easy to play activities that you get to take home and use with your child.

More than that, it allows you to make goals that will help your child succeed.  Our APTT Parent Night’s Out provides you with an opportunity to spend 75 minutes kid-free learning how to best support your child at home.  We know that it’s important for you to help us because, in a calendar year, your child spends more time with you than they do with us.

Some important things to remember about APTT is that these team meetings take the place of our traditional fifteen-minute conference you are used to participating in.  Does that mean that you can’t conference with your child’s teacher? Absolutely not! We want you to conference with them.  However, we are restructuring how we come together to help your unique students develop. 

Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to come to three team meetings and also participate in a 30-minute individual conference once a year, if needed.  These team meetings are already on our school district calendar.

Another concern that many parents may have is that meetings may overlap if they have multiple children in multiple grades.  We understand that this may be a struggle with families with many children.  We have tried to eliminate that concern as much as possible.  However, if you have two meetings happening simultaneously, we would encourage you to attend your child's meeting you may have the greatest concern with, send another relative to the other meeting, or attend one meeting but collect the activity created for your other child.

Finally, we want these nights Out to benefit you, and we ask for your undivided attention.  Therefore, we will be working with Mrs. Carlson’s high school early childhood program, and we will provide free childcare during the 75-minute APTT meeting for students aged 2 years old to fifth grade.  We hope this childcare will provide you the opportunity to attend any of the nights out you need to attend.

We hope these nights will be beneficial for you and your child! Check our school website and Facebook page, as well as the flyers that will come home.