12-Point School Reopening Plan


Greetings Roadrunners!

We, at HUSD #3, hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these difficult times. The staff at HUSD#3 have been working diligently to develop a strategic plan for SY 21-22.  It is our mission to ensure we offer a safe, healthy and educational environment for all Roadrunners for SY 21-22.

The Holbrook School District has updated the District 12-Point Back to School Plan. The update includes:

  1. Phase I (virtual learning) extension up to September 14, 2020, when health metrics will be re-evaluated.

  2. Requirement for school waivers for all students returning to on-site learning.

  3. Suspension of White Mountain and Navajo Area Junior High League sport for the fall semester. We are looking into sports for the 2021-2022 SY and how students could participate.

  4. Ongoing analysis of HUSD #3’s participation in AIA sports for the fall semester.

The Arizona Department of Health Services has developed metrics for reopening schools safely (ADHS HEALTH METRICS). HUSD #3 will utilize the health metrics to assist in making decisions throughout the pandemic. Metrics are broken into three categories and ALL THREE metrics MUST be met to open schools safely: 

  1. Reduction to 100 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 individuals over a two-week period.

  2. Two consecutive weeks with COVID-19 percent positivity below 7%.

  3. Two consecutive weeks with hospital visits for COVID- like symptoms below 10%.

At this time Navajo County only meets two of the three indicators which precipitate the recommendation for delaying the opening of on-campus instruction (COUNTY BENCHMARKS).

Phase I:  Virtual learning- students will begin the school year engaging in distance learning. There will be no on-campus instruction until at least September 14, 2020, with the exception of free on-site learning opportunities. Students will utilize SchoolsPLP as a learning platform. Teachers will supplement learning programs to cover state standards to ensure students are progressing towards meeting the state standards at each grade level. Instruction will occur in synchronous and asynchronous platforms. Synchronous lessons will occur through live classes that teachers are able to present via Google Meets or other live platforms. Asynchronous lessons will be developed to deliver via downloadable materials through district wifi locations, jump drives with lessons and/or learning packets, and deliverable learning packets. (2020-2021 SY)

HUSD #3 is excited to announce that all students will receive a Chromebook (technology device) to ensure all students have access to a technology device for distance learning. If your child needs a technological device, please contact your child's school! 

In addition, HUSD #3 is proactively seeking hot spots for all students at HUSD #3 that need internet access. HUSD #3 is working with internet service providers to identify bandwidth and services areas for all students within our 1,500 square mile boundaries. HUSD #3 will keep parents updated on the progress of purchasing hot spots to allow all students access to online learning platforms.

Phase II: Hybrid learning (home/school)- students will report to campus for one of four days while doing distance learning when not at school. This will be a phased approach to reduce the number of students on campus, on buses, etc. The blended learning phase will be based on health and wellness trends.

Phase III: Hybrid learning (school/home)- students will report to campus two of four days while doing distance learning on the other two days. This phase will be initiated based on health and wellness trends and fewer health and wellness restrictions.

Phase IV: On-campus learning- students will return to school on a normal schedule. (2021-2022 SY)

Each phase will be initiated based on health and wellness trends, restrictions endorsed by the Center for Disease Control and executive orders, or other restrictions that HUSD #3 must abide by. 

HUSD #3 is committed to monitoring the current trends with COVID-19 and making informed decisions to keep our students, staff, and communities safe while ensuring students have the opportunity to continue progressing personally, academically, socially to ensure success for each child. 

It is with full intent that HUSD #3 will return to on-campus learning as soon as it is determined that it is safe, healthy, and suitable to begin in-person, on-campus learning.  
Rest assured that we miss our students on campus and want them back as quickly as possible when the conditions are conducive to ensure our students, staff, and families have limited exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

We thank our parents and guardians for your good work and as always, thank you for being Roadrunners!

HUSD #3's strategic plan will focus on the following "Back to School Plan": 

HUSD #3 Goals for SY 21-22

At HUSD #3 we have three overarching goals for SY 21-22:

  1. ALL students receive the highest quality education at HUSD #3;

  2. ALL campuses develop health and wellness guidelines to ensure student and staff wellness is our top priority;

  3. ALL Roadrunners have options to be educated in a manner that best suits the students and families.

SY 21-22 Back to School Guiding Principles

Reopening school systems during a pandemic will be complex. HUSD #3 believes that school systems are essential to our students, parents, and communities; therefore, HUSD #3 is committed to providing education systems that will Help our Unique Students Develop.  

As a result,  HUSD #3 will focus on five (5) basic principles for reopening schools:

Principle #1 - HUSD #3 will establish health and wellness guidelines to Help our Unique Students Develop that focus on student and staff wellness throughout the year (signs, screening, sanitation, social structures, sickness response).

Principle #2 - HUSD #3 will offer educational opportunities to Help our Unique Students Develop which will include brick and mortar instruction (on-campus) and/or online/blended learning(at home) provided by teachers at HUSD #3.

Principle #3 - HUSD #3 will offer a well-rounded educational system (food services, counseling, educational resources, specialty classes, college and career readiness opportunities, etc.)  to Help our Unique Students Develop while providing a safe and healthy environment for our students.

Principle #4 - HUSD #3 will provide extra-curricular activities and opportunities to Help our Unique Students Develop which will be based upon personal and family choice (i.e. students and families will "opt-in" to educational services and opportunities).

Principle #5 - HUSD #3 will engage in strong student, parent, and family partnerships to Help our Unique Students Develop throughout the school year.

These guiding principles will help HUSD #3 continue to provide an excellent education program to help every child become who he/she is capable of becoming.

SY 22-22 Back to School 12 Point Plan: IWES

Indian Wells Elementary has developed a 12 Point Back to School Plan to ensure IWES provides a safe, healthy, and educational environment for SY 20-21.  The IWES 12 point plan has been developed in cooperation with the district and school leadership, school task force team members, support staff, teachers, parents, and students.

The IWES 12 Point Back to School Plan is meant to provide peace of mind that our school and district have thoroughly explored measures to ensure students, staff and parents are presented with the safest environment, the healthiest environment, and the best educational environment possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IWES 12 Point Back to School Plan includes:

  1. Health Screening Protocols

  2. Student Sickness Response Protocols

  3. Staff Sickness Response Protocols

  4. Facility Signage Protocols

  5. Classroom Operations Protocols

  6. Instructional Platforms Protocols

  7. Food Service Protocols

  8. Socialization Protocols

  9. Sports and Activity Protocols

  10. School Visitor Protocols

  11. Transportation Protocols

  12. Sanitation Protocols

Each protocol is designed to provide guidelines for school operations to ensure IWES provides a safe, healthy, and educational environment to Help our Unique Students Develop!

HUSD #3 is committed to providing foodservice throughout all four phases via food delivery drop-off locations and/or on-site food service programs.