Important IWE School Message

Attendance Attestation- Jan. 24-Feb.3

Greetings Parents and Guardians,

It is my hope that everyone is healthy and doing well!

I am messaging you this evening to inform you that Indian Wells Elementary will be implementing a temporary instructional learning model as a learning option due to the uptick in COVID cases in our region.  

I want to reinforce that COVID cases directly associated with Indian Wells Elementary are at very low ratios; however, we are aware that cases have increased substantially in our region; therefore, we want to offer an option for our students to continue to come to school each day or the option for students to spend eight (8) days learning at home via a temporary instructional learning model.

The following information is to inform parents of Indian Wells Elementary about the temporary instructional model in which parents will have the choice for their students to remain at home for at-home instruction for a two-week period.

The temporary instructional model details include:

  • This instructional time learning model is temporary- The temporary instruction model will run from January 24th ----> February 3rd. 

  • All parents who choose to keep their students home for this eight-day learning period will be required to sign a parent attendance attestation form each day to document their children are completing school-designated activities at home.

  • Each parent choosing to participate in the eight-day temporary instructional time model will be required to inform the school of the parent’s choice to keep their student at home for temporary instruction learning choice.

  • February 3rd is a half-day of instruction and parent-teacher conferences will be held in person or virtually in coordination with each child’s teacher.

  • All packet/Google Classroom work is DUE on February 3rd to ensure your child is not marked absent during the instructional time model period.

  • 3rd grade through 4th grade will complete work via Google Classroom.

  • PreK- 2nd grades will complete work via work packet. 

  • You must call the office no later than Monday, January 24th to inform us that you are opting your child/children into the temporary instructional learning model. (928) 654-3622

  • Reminder: If you do not sign an attendance attestation, your student will be marked absent for every day they are not in school and not completing work. 

  • Please come to the office at IWES to drop off the parent attestation form on Feb. 3rd with your student(s) work. 

  • On January 21st you can email your child’s teacher for an electronic version of the attendance form.

  • Or, you can call the front office for an electronic form to be sent to you. 

  • The form must be completed and turned in with all student work on February 3rd. 

If you choose the 8-day temporary instruction learning choice it will begin on Monday, January 24th after you have notified the front office of your intent to participate in the temporary instructional time model.

  • Work completed virtually through Google Classroom will be available on Monday, Jan. 24th. (3rd-6th grade)

  • Work completed via packet will be available for pick up at the front office on Monday, Jan. 24th. (PREK-2nd grade).

  • Virtual learning choice is for the entire 8-day learning period. If you choose to participate it will be throughout the entire 8 day period.  Your child will not come to school on any of these school days.  Please consider this before making a choice for your child.

  • Any work not completed will result in an “A” absent in Infinite Campus. Please note that as per state law: any ten-day period of absence will result in students being dropped from attendance at IWES.

  • All work is due on February 3rd, 2022. Work can be turned in during the parent-teacher conference on Feb. 3rd.

  • On Feb. 3rd, the school will change students’ attendance for the temporary instructional time model to absent or present depending upon the work completed and turned in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will in-person learning continue? 

A: Yes, In-person, learning will continue if you choose to continue to send your child to school each day.  All school routines, bus routes, etc. will continue as normal.  If you choose this option, you will not be required to complete any requirements of the temporary instructional time model.

Q: Will there be buses for in-person learning? 

A: Yes, buses will continue to run and pick up all in-person learning students. 

Q: Can I switch my student back to in-person learning after choosing the temporary instructional time model? A: No, if you sign your child up for the temporary instructional model, they will remain on that model until the eight-day learning period is over. 

Q: Will food and packets be delivered if we choose to opt into the temporary instructional time model? 

A: No, we will not deliver materials or food for the temporary instructional time model

Q: Will there be a virtual parent-teacher conference option for families in quarantine? 

A: Yes

Q: How will my child’s attendance be taken in the instructional time model?

A: Your child will be marked present based on a signed attestation by the parent that your child worked and fulfilled the school work each day and your child turns in all completed assignments.

Q: How long can my child participate in the temporary instructional time model?

A:  For eight consecutive days beginning January 24th through February 3rd.  The temporary instructional time model will end on February 3rd unless extended by the school. Your child will be expected to return to school on Monday, February 7th for in-person learning.