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Scholarship Guide

Click on this link to see what is available: ARIZONA STATE DIRECTORY OF SCHOOLS WITH SCHOLARSHIPS

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scholarship guide
Our new 
Scholarship Database offers over 20,000 free-to-apply, sortable scholarships based on:

  • Location

  • Major

  • GPA

  • Ethnicity

  • And more

In addition, we also answer some frequently asked questions by students such as avoiding scholarship scams and tips on applying for scholarships.

College scholarships for black students
College scholarships for black students
This guide focuses on financial aid and scholarships for African American students and includes a directory of undergraduate and graduate scholarships, tips on how to apply, resources and black student organizations, and scholarship advice from education experts in the black community.

Terrific Resources for Students Interested in going to College

Please take a moment and look these sites over – I think they will be very helpful to our students.

College Covered Scholarship is a Scholarship Search tool where students can search for 3 million scholarships worth more than $18 billion, and no registration is required. Be sure to check out the article on how to make a college essay stand out as well as other helpful information related to the college application process.

The guide to the 2017 Top Online Colleges for Student Economic Mobility is here.

25 Most Affordable Online Colleges are ranked here.

CTE/NAVIT High School Scholarship Program
 High School Scholarship Program for students in CTE/NAVIT programs. We’ve compiled a list of all the participating career colleges that offer our High School Scholarship Program, which is worth up to $1,000 toward tuition at these schools.

This new feature makes it simple for students to browse their options for career training and quickly request information from those schools. And from there, they can submit their Imagine America scholarship application right away. 

Since 2006, we’ve processed over 1,900 scholarship applications from students in AZ.

Math Links
Free math lessons and math help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math.

Everyday Math Center for Parents
Find games and lessons that supports the District's math series.

Helping Your Child Learn Math
A pamphlet for helping your child learn math every day.

About Learning Math K-6 for Parents
Parents learn how elementary math teaching practices are changing.

Cool Math
Math games of all kinds for ages 8-100.

The Awesome Library for Math
A huge listing of preselected websites for math.

Science Links

Helping Your Child Learn Science
This booklet about science provides examples of a few simple activities you can do with your children.

The Internet Public Library for Science Fair Projects
A wealth of sites to assist parents with science fair projects from ideas to implementation.

Hundreds of Ideas for Science Fair Projects
Science Fair Projects for all levels. This site has hundreds of ideas for every science topic, from Astronomy to Zoology.

The Awesome Library for Science
A huge listing of preselected websites for science.

Writing Links

Helping Your Child Write Well
A website from the Department of Education. And of course, preparing children for school is a historic responsibility of parents. Should you help your child with writing?

Let's Write
Information from the Department of Education on how to encourage writing at home.
The National Council of Teachers of English has compiled a rich array of resources for you to work with your student, writing, and literacy.

Six Trait Resources
Links by trait links to sample papers, and a wealth of resources.

A Booklet for Parents of Budding Writers
An article for parents from the six trait writing people, the Northwest Regional Lab.

Links for Learning Writing
Links to articles from the Northwest Regional Lab to help parents with reading and writing.

Writing Workshop Links
A huge list of links to the writing process for understanding six traits writing to scoring sites.

Reading Links

Reading Resources for Parents
Online reading resources for all parents of students K-12.

Eduplace for Houghton Mifflin Reading
Check out the online support for our new Houghton Mifflin Reading program. You will find resources including eWord Games, eGlossaries, and Weekly Reader® articles.

Life Long Readers
Help your child become a lifelong reader with an array of activities.

Read Write Think from Marco Polo
Resources for literacy.

Family Education
Helping your child with reading for ages 0-18.

Reading is Fundamental
Whether you're a parent, guardian, grandparent, or an older sibling, you can help a child learn to love reading for ages 0-the entire family.

Reading Resources
Reading resources from the Department of Education to help your child to read.

The Northwest Regional Lab Tips for Reading
Helping children through grade 8 be successful with reading.

Social Studies Links

Social Studies Websites
A listing of social studies website links history, geography, government, and current events.

Awesome Websites for Social Studies
A huge listing of preselected websites for social studies.

Social Studies Games
A listing of social studies games.

Homework Help
Quality sites for helping your child with social studies homework.

Resources for Parents

Internet Safety Center
The Internet Safety Center seeks to raise awareness about Internet safety and security, educating children, teens, parents, and teachers about how to protect themselves and others online.

The Learning Page
This is the place for free worksheets, lesson plans, activities and more. All resources are downloadable and printable. The curriculum is written and designed for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second-grade students.

No Child Left Behind
Do you want to know how you can help? Log on to this site for a wealth of information and suggestions.

Homework Resources
A huge wealth of homework resources in every subject and grade level.

Parents Helping With Homework
Tips for parents on homework.

Family Education Resources for Parents
Advice for moms and for parents for children from 0-18.

Awesome Library
Awesome Library organizes the Web with 30,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.
Educational Resources for parents, students, and teachers.

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