School Profile

Holbrook High School enrolls students in grades 9-12. Located in the west-central edge of the City of Holbrook the school serves approximately 700 students, with a student/teacher ratio of 16:1. HHS fosters a whole-child educational approach as it strives to Help students Help themselves Succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. The adjacent Holbrook Dorm houses a maximum of 128 students, 64 males, and 64 females, and is operated under the auspices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Approximately 350 high school students ride school buses each day from the Navajo Reservation. Buses for the Holbrook Unified School District travel 2,500 miles each day transporting students to and from school. District buses travel an additional 600 miles each day transporting NAVIT students. The high school campus encompasses approximately 30 acres including the football, baseball, and softball fields. Additionally, the “Phenix School,” which is an off-campus alternative school, consists of a 5,000 square foot facility and surrounding blacktop recreation area.

HHS proudly supports a diverse student population. The three largest demographic student groups consist of: Hispanic (18%); Anglo (12%); and Native American (66%).

Excluding dormitory students, Holbrook High School reports a 64% free and reduced lunch status.

There are currently forty certified teachers on staff.  Of those teachers twenty-one have Bachelor degrees, fifteen have Master degrees, one has a Doctorate, and three have alternate CTE certifications without Bachelor's degrees. 

The teaching faculty at Holbrook High School has the following levels of teaching experience:

1-5 years: 7

6-10 years:16

11-15 years: 7

16-20 years: 2

21+ years: 8

There is one licensed counselor who holds a Master’s degree. The Dean of Students also holds a Master's degree while the Assistant Principal and Principal have Doctorate degrees. 

Holbrook High School utilizes Title One funding, implements inclusion for special needs students.  Additionally, Holbrook High School is part of NAVIT (Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology) with both on-campus (satellite) and off-campus (NAVIT Central) programs. Holbrook High School Dual Enrollment courses articulate with Northland Pioneer College.

HHS operates a seven-period/55-minute class schedule and implements a wide range of extra-curricular athletic, fine arts, and club programs along with an array of after school tutorials.