Healthy Schools

Families of HJHS:

The Holbrook Junior High School is committed to the health and wellness of staff, students, and families. HJHS will continue to implement health and wellness protocols in the following areas for the 2023-2024 SY:

Student Sickness Response Protocols 

Staff Sickness Response Protocols 

Facility Signage Protocols 

Classroom Operations Protocols 

Instructional Platforms Protocols 

Food Service Protocols 

Socialization Protocols 

Sports and Activity Protocols 

School Visitor Protocols 

Transportation Protocols 

Sanitation Protocols 

The Holbrook Junior High Administration, Teachers and Staff are committed to giving “No Less Than Our Best” through implementation of a safe, healthy and educational school environment.

We look forward to serving our students, families and community during the 2023-2024 school year. 


Ms. Cheri Grau-HJHS, Principal

HUSD #3 believes that school systems are essential to our students, parents, and communities; therefore, HUSD #3 is committed to providing education systems that will help our Unique Students Develop.  

As a result, HUSD #3 will focus on five (5) basic principles for the 2022-2023 SY:

Principle #1-  HUSD #3 will establish health and wellness guidelines to Help our Unique Students Develop that focus on student and staff wellness throughout the year (signs, screening, sanitation, social structures, sickness response).

Principle #2- HUSD #3 will provide educational services through brick and mortar instruction (on-campus learning).

Principle #3- HUSD #3 will offer a well-rounded educational system (food services, counseling, educational resources, specialty classes, college and career readiness opportunities, etc.)  to Help our Unique Students Develop while providing a safe and healthy environment for our students.

Principle #4- HUSD #3 will provide extra-curricular activities and opportunities to Help our Unique Students Develop 

Principle #5- HUSD #3 will engage in strong student, parent and family partnerships to Help our Unique Students Develop throughout the school year.

These guiding principles will help HUSD #3 continue to provide an excellent educational program to help every child become who he/she is capable of becoming.