Principal's Welcome

It is an absolute honor and privilege to serve the community as the Holbrook Junior High School Principal. It is an exciting time here at HJHS as a growing emphasis is placed on College and Career Readiness. This focus creates higher interests and motivation for our students as they begin to strategically plan for their future beyond school and understand the value of the education offered at HJHS.

At Holbrook Junior High School, we aspire to create and maintain an environment where the student is at the heart of learning. The HJHS school staff recognizes that adolescence is a time for growing, changing, and developing lifetime patterns of learning. We understand that every child is unique, with individual interests, personalities, and ambitions. Our goal is to have our school be a place where every student can learn and each person is respected, valued, and challenged.

The Holbrook Junior High School staff strives to provide students a well-rounded education based upon the students' needs. Instruction is tailored to promote students’ success in academic, social, and emotional development. Through a series of tiered support systems including reading, social studies, language arts, science, math, counseling, Students Assistance Program (SAP), research-based instruction, physical education, music, speech services, special education, electives, digital literacy training, sports and after school programs, HJHS students are preparing for the future. Through these systems, students and adults form a community of learners dedicated to building a foundation of knowledge and skills to support a lifetime of learning. Because we believe in an active partnership between school and community and due to our pride in our multicultural environment, we develop programs to foster multicultural awareness and civic responsibility.

HJHS steps forward in implementing 21st-century learning skills and providing effective strategies for each student. Technology and research-based instructional programs are integrated on a daily basis. At HJHS, technology is an integral component in every classroom to enhance and engage each child's learning. Students are provided multiple opportunities to explore technology through the use of Smart Boards, student responders, slate boards, Chromebooks, and audio enhancement systems. These tools are a part of every classroom. Research has proven these technologies are effective in increasing student engagement, which ultimately increases learning.

While Holbrook Junior High School is committed to providing a quality education for each student, we promote academic excellence in a safe environment. Our purpose is to cultivate good citizenship, self-discipline and responsibility. All students are expected to be responsible for their behavior and to respect others. Working together for excellence is what makes HJHS the best junior high school in Arizona. 

Ms. Cheri Grau, HJHS Principal