Meet the HJHS 2023-2024 Student Council Members:

President: Rigden Fish

Vice President: Niah Cook

Secretary: Emily Sanchez

Treasurer: Kea Pizarro

6th Grade Representatives: Kashlie Bieldfelt, Bentley Gardner, Dallas Hayes

7th Grade Representatives: McKenzie Baker, Jaken Begay, London Gardner, Lorilee Kishbaugh, Rylie Patterson, Brooklynn Quiroz

8th Grade Representatives: Triesun Brewer, Ziva Johnson, Tia Gilespie, Salma Parcell, Brianna Ross

These members will be leading the HJHS students to the "Next Level" of being Respectful, Responsible, Reliably Safe, of Being Kind, of Making Good Choices and in Giving No Less Than Their Best as Roadrunners 2.0!

student council

Student and Staff Recognition

Congratulations to Holbrook Junior High's Students and Staff of the Months.  Thanks for Being Next Level...2.0 Roadrunners! Keep up the good work!

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