It is never too early for students to learn more about economics or to start planning for college or their future.

Middle School College Savings Gift Card Scholarship Available!

Students will need to complete the following courses to be eligble to apply for the FutureSmart Scholarship: SmartEconomics: Economics for Middle School & FutureSmart: Financial Literacy for Middle School

FutureSmart provides digital financial education for middle school students and empowers them to effectively manage their finances, make sound decisions, and become financially responsible.

Empower middle school students to effectively set goals, prepare for careers, and manage their financial future through interactive, real-life scenarios.

SmartEconomics for Middle School is a digital course that empowers students to analyze the economy and identify factors that impact the price of consumer goods. Through three fun and interactive exercises, students learn to make real-life decisions that require the understanding of key economic concepts such as the pros and cons of lowering taxes, identifying signs of a strong economy, and understanding the law of supply and demand.

**To Complete the Courses students will need to create an account with EverFi: and then enter class code: 656c1cf8

Additional information can be found at: