Art, Music, & PE

At Home Projects

Looking for some amazing and easy at-home Art, Music, and/or PE? 
If so, you have come to the right spot.  This is where you will find valuable and helpful resources to bring something different into your child's at-home academic experience. This is the spot where students can get creative and have some fun too.

50 Online Art and Music Resources to Help Kids Learn and Create from Home
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Been stuck sitting around? Need to get moving? Here you will find some great resources to help you get physical.   

Need a variety of physical activities, health tips, etc. for kids to do at home?
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Want to partner with the NFL to stay healthy?
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PE with the Morgans! Zane and Vanessa Morgan, HUSD #3 PE teachers, have created a PE youtube channel. If you want to workout with your PE teacher, check them out!
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Want even more? Join Mr. Orton's Google Classroom: dwogycy