Beyond Textbooks

These sites are free to use or have at least some free options.  Some may require creating a free account for use.

  • Legends of Learning
    Thousands of math and science games for elementary and middle school students. Free upgraded access during COVID-19 school closures.

  • Social Studies Weekly
    Integrated activities and lessons with Social Studies focus, free during COVID-19 school closures.

  • Virtual Field Trips
    Information and helpful links on creating virtual field trips for students.

  • Kids Discover
    Over 2,000 science and social studies articles with visuals and assessments for elementary and middle school students.

  • Read Works
    Thousands of free reading passages. You can sort by grade, topic, difficulty, and more. Create a free account in the upper right corner.

  • The Science Spot
    Many resources based on science. Searchable by topic and subject.

  • Learn Zillion
    Many resources for students and parents in grades 3-9, ELA, and Math.

  • Google Art & Culture
    Artwork, collections, and stories from around the world, including virtual field trips.

  • Time for Kids
    Time magazine but for kids, focused on literacy skills and becoming informed and active citizens.

  • Learning A-Z
    Virtual resources, free for the rest of the school year, focused on literacy in a variety of content areas.

  • Boom Learning
    Self-grading exercises that are gamified for students and provide data. Free accounts available during COVID-19 school closures.

  • Fun Brain
    Games, reading, and videos focused on a variety of topics and contents. K-8.

  • Nasa STEM
    Science, technology, engineering, and math activities designed to do at home.