Welcome to the Roadrunner Café

We have an outstanding team that is willing and happy to serve you or your student's breakfast and lunches every school day. We are limited to serve only the students registered with the Holbrook Unified School District and Navajo County Instruction for Success school.

We are on the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) that allows all of the students registered in our district access to free breakfast and/or lunch. While in a normal year we have options at each school for breakfast and for lunch instead of just giving each student the same meal. We also provide a fresh fruit and veggie bar for all schools to give variety and options to different palettes. With each year's growth, the student's tastes and desires change and we try to give them food that they choose to eat that is healthy in order to help them be physically and mentally strong as they grow.

While students are young, it is really important that they receive the proper nutrition to help them be alert and attentive during their learning exercises, so they can grow mentally as well as physically. Breakfast is provided to all students for free so they have the best opportunity to have a great start to the day and to gain the nutrition they need to be alert and attentive to their teachers and lessons being given. Students do much better when they are not hungry and worrying about their next meal. 

Lunch is also an important part of the day. We all need to refuel to finish out the day strong. We have more options for lunch the higher in education the students get. Students in K-5 have usually two options for the main entrée. In Junior High, they also get to choose from an Eat Fresh option. At the High School, we have four entrees from our Sandwich Bar, Homestyle Bar, Pizza Bar, and our Taco/Burrito Bar. Then they also get to choose from a minimum of five salads, sandwiches, and wraps from the Eat Fresh Bar.

All of our meals meet the standards that are given by the USDA and Arizona Department of Education guidelines.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Food Service Director at wmclaws1@holbrook.k12.az.us

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.